Is Pageantry Part of Your Calling?

Pageantry isn't for everyone, I get it.

Only those who have experienced a pageant understand why some women get "addicted" to pageantry. Think about it, you meet the most amazing, accomplished woman, most of which end up becoming your lifelong friends. You get to dress up in these gorgeous gowns, and get all pampered with full hair and flawless makeup, plus you experience what it feels like to be a true queen! Who wouldn't want that!?

First of all, I have to mention.. Not all pageants are one, and the same. I've been in other Mrs. pageants... So with that said, I have to brag on this pageant system, (The International Pageants System.)

The very thing that others might "hate" about this system, is the very thing I LOVE about it.

This system stands for something! It is ethical, completely unbiased, it is just, and most importantly- It is God fearing! Meaning, everything they do, they pray about it and seek God's will before making any decisions.

Mary Richardson (The International Pageant System’s Director) personally prays for each and every one of her contestant. By name, and title... Twice a day! By the time orientation comes around, every contestant has been covered in prayer. AND Mary will know each and everyone's name and title! That's pretty amazing.

Now that I've had the pleasure of getting to know Mary, personally. I can honestly say, I have never met a more giving person in my life! I watched how she treated everyone who waited on her...She gave every person her devoted attention, and treated everyone with kindness. When our waitress complimented Mary's perfume, Mary went looking to buy one, just so she could go back to the restaurant and give it to the waitress.

I went to the store to purchase a suit case, and accidentally left my purse, Mary immediately said "Oh your money's no good anyways!" She had it, she would NOT allow me to pay for anything. I don't know a system, not a single ONE, that treats their queens like that!

Another thing I admire, is the fact that the International Pageant System is a very conservative pageant. There is no swimsuit, instead it's a fitness attire, that's phenomenal!

Not to mention that all three of the International queens won AT LARGE!!

YES, Mrs. International (me), Miss International, AND Miss Teen International, were all at large contestants!

Now, if you're not in the "pageant know"
"At large" means- There wasn't a competition held to win their state/region or country title that they represented/competed as- at the International competition... In my case, Mrs. Wyoming.

The fact that all three of us were "At-large" contestants… That is unheard of.

That never happens!

Plus, I was Mrs Wyoming, Wy-o-ming!! The underdog state, of underdog states! There are more cows than there are people in Wyoming, seriously! It is the lowest populated state in the US. Wyoming NEVER wins!

And I won.

So I can without any doubt say, this is an unbiased, completely ethical, absolutely NOT fixed, system. Can I hear an "AMEN!?"

The greatest thing about Pageantry (in my opinion) is the platform it provides. It opens doors that might otherwise, not have been opened. It broadens your borders, it elevates you to better promote your cause. And the International Pageant System is a STRONG platform based pageant!

Secondly, pageantry gives you a purpose.

Priscilla, Amanda and Garin speaking to youth at the Boys and Girls Club.

Do you realize that most people go through their entire lives not knowing their purpose!? Yes, it's true, most people don't know their purpose or their passion!?

These women however, not only realize it, but fervently pursue it! THAT is not only admirable, but courageous!

It takes guts to stand up, on a stage, in front of thousands of people, with thousands more watching live, over the webcast! Not everyone has the confidence to do that!

These woman are brave, selfless, and they do it for a cause.. WOW!

You would not believe the caliber of woman I have met in pageantry: mothers, teachers, lawyers, nurses, doctors, writers, literally every type of woman! There is no "mold!”

They’re all dedicated to their spouses, to their jobs, their families and homes. They’re all hard working, volunteering, unstoppable, loyal, loving, and some of the kindest woman you'll ever meet!

Everyone of them has found a way to turn their pain into purpose, pursuing their dreams, aspirations and goals. How could you not admire or appreciate that?

And I love how the International Pageant System celebrates and promotes inner beauty, not just outer beauty.

They're more interested in what’s inside, which is what really counts!

Because we have plenty of “pretty” woman but we need more beautiful woman. You see, our external “beauty” isn't what makes us beautiful.

It's our heart that makes us beautiful!

All of us have been through something, lost someone, fought a battle, have gone through storms, or are currently going through the storm…

However, had we not experienced those painful moments, those heart-wrenching but defining moments in our lives...None of us would be the woman we are today!

You see, everyone of us has a choice, YOU have a choice!

We can choose to allow things to either control us, destroy us, or EMPOWER us.

If Esther had not humbled herself and entered the “pageant” she wouldn't have had the opportunity to save her people from an intended extinction. (See the book of Esther in the bible)

Everyone of us has a calling, a purpose, a passion, what’s yours?

Priscilla living out her passion everyday as Mrs International.

I'm your Mrs International, reminding you-




  1. That was an inspiring and truthful post! I am so grateful to read it and re-confirm my "why" to compete in this system.


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