5 Pageant Must-Haves

This is a list of my must have items when competing in a pageant. (I suggest you get them all.) They’ve all saved me from distress a time or two!

1. Spanx. Smooth’s out every wrinkle, lump and bump and puts curves in all the right places!

2. Sally Hansen: tan in a can! During a whole week of pageantry it’s hard to keep your spray tan looking flawless. This is my secret weapon in fighting back against blotching and fading.

3. Firm Grip: spray glue in a can! Typically in pageantry this is used during a swimsuit competition, but I have used it for everything from a slightly loose high heel to spanx that just won’t stay in place and keeping my International fitness wear in place.

4. Big and Sexy hairspray! (the big red can) It will hold any hairstyle, but you can still brush through it and style it with ease! And it never makes your hair sticky or hard!

5. Shoe pads. Trust me you will want them! Any kind will do as long as it’s soft!

Believe me, these five things will never fail you!

Much love,

Haley Pontius


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