The Omni Hotel - Jacksonville

I had the opportunity to explore the new home of the International Pageants in Jacksonville, FL and I must say we are all in for a fun and exciting change in scenery. Before arriving I had so many questions in my mind! Will the theatre be as close and convenient? Will there be lots of options for visiting family and friends to see and visit (both within walking distance and also requires a vehicle)? Will the hotel staff be as friendly and helpful? The answer to all of these is a resounding YES.

Please enjoy my photo tour of the Omni and immediately surrounding areas!

I ran to my room window to immediately check out the view and I was not disappointed! Look at that gorgeous waterfront view. I must mention that the sunset over the bridge was absolutely breathtaking.

I arrived two days early when I went to Chicago in order to watch the Mrs. International Pageant and have a full day to unwind and relax. LOOK AT THIS ROOFTOP POOL! What a great way to enjoy a free day… and a wonderful reason for your family and friends to stop in early too. The cabana area also invites those who may not want to swim or soak up sun, but sit outside, read, and enjoy the warmth.

You may not want to, but if you turn your back to the rooftop pool and look down to the street below you’ll see…. The site of the pageants, the Times Union Center. So, yes! It is just as close and convenient for travel to and from on rehearsal and production days!

The fitness center is also important considering many contestants will be utilizing this space daily to keep up their hard work until this point. I was impressed with the amount of nautilus machines, treadmills (fyi- there are more than the photo shows, there was just someone running in that area and I wanted to respect their privacy), and amenities.

As far as dining and entertainment, The Jacksonville Landing is about a block away and is filled with shops and restaurants of all types. The waterfront view is really lovely. I loved the amount of small businesses in the development and took advantage of chatting with locals about their craftsmanship.

I was truly overwhelmed with the appreciation and support of the entire community. They are so looking forward to having us and are making our comfort a priority. See you there come July!

Seek Happiness,



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