The Green Initiative

What is the Green Initiative? It is the eco-friendly changes that we can make to the conduct of our routine activity to help preserve our environment.

This summer I helped to deploy a fleet of multi-functional devices at one of largest state and local governments in the country. By utilizing secure printing, it is estimated that the county will save up to 20% on their printing costs-this equates to millions of dollars in savings to the county and taxpayers as well as saving many trees!

I was an honored guest at a reception for the work I did for both the manufacturer and the county government.

My contact at the government agency was taking credit for my win as Miss Teen International, saying it was a result of all the public speaking experience I received while training large groups of county employees to use the new multi-functional machines (there may be something to that!)

During the reception I gave a presentation on the green initiative, and got to draw the tickets for all of the raffle prizes! I even won a Starbucks gift card!

Juliana McKee


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