My Summer Vacation

In the middle of August, we took our family vacation to Fenwick Island, Delaware. This year it was twenty-six McKees in one house (sixteen cousins, plus aunts, uncles and grandparent)! Luckily, it was a large house on the ocean – so it was a lot of fun!

My McKee cousins (paternal side) all live within twenty minutes of me, so we are very close. I am the oldest, and the ages range down to three years old – nine boys and seven girls!

We had beautiful weather and could walk to the little shops to pick up whatever we needed (or didn’t need but wanted) like ice cream and Fractured Prune donuts (the best in the world)!

One night I was urged by my aunts and uncles to give my “healthy kids speech” to my cousins. It was great fun and the little ones had lots of great questions!

I am reminded by special times like that week at the beach how blessed I am to have such a terrific and close family!

Juliana McKee


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