NIH Children's Inn Party

On Monday, August 30th, I visited and helped host a party for the children at the Inn at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Children and their families travel from all over the U.S. to receive treatment at this world-renowned medical facility. From the moment I arrived, the children welcomed me so warmly. We danced, spun, jumped, and strutted like runway models all over the dance floor! Glyde Productions donated their DJing services for the evening and really helped make it fun and memorable for everyone.

I met so many children who inspired me and touched my heart from as far away as California, Oklahoma, Indiana, and New York. The excitement and joy that I saw in the faces of these children from simply dancing around, being goofy, and trying on my crown warmed my heart.

There are so many small moments that the crown has created for me that I will never forget and the indescribable simple, pure happiness of these children, despite the adversities that they faced daily, definitely fall into that category.

Appearances like this one influence me in every aspect of my life and are a source of strength and joy for me. In moments of doubt, insecurity, sadness, or even when I just need the strength to run that extra block, I think of the children I have met, the amazing stories I have heard, and the strength I have witnessed. These things are what make it all worthwhile.

Juliana McKee


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