Texas Girl in Washington

Well, I made it to Washington, DC in one piece!! The day after I got back from my photoshoot with Clay & Joey, I was packing my stuff in a Uhaul and heading out across the country! My momma came down to Houston to help with the packing, and then she drove in my SUV behind my Uhaul the whole 1413 miles to DC.

That’s right I drove a big old truck all by myself!! It took us 3 days full of driving, & we only had one set back issue with the car. Piece of cake! We got to stop in Richmond on the way there to stay with some good friends, so overall the journey was a pleasant success.

I’ve been living here for about a week and a half now, but I’m still getting acquainted with the city. The best part so far about DC is the weather! It was 80 degrees one day last week – we just don’t get that kind of weather in Houston!

And the worst part so far (besides having to go to the DMV – yuck!) is the lack of interest in college football. I’m a HUGE college football fan, and it’s rather disheartening to be the only one for miles that’s wearing my school colors on a fall Saturday. I’m sure if I look hard enough next week I can find some other crazy fans!

I’ve already been in touch with some of the reigning queens from around these parts about doing some appearances together, so hopefully that will start coming together very soon.

The only picture I took of our trip to DC was when I first left. The truck and my car were PACKED full of all my stuff, so much so that this is what the front of the Uhaul cab looked like next to me in the driver’s seat.

That’s my dog, Tobias, ready to see what the East Coast is all about!

Ashley Smith


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