Tennessee International Pageants Crowns 2011 Titleholders!

I just returned home from the beautiful state of Tennessee where I had the MOST difficult task of helping select the 2011 TN International Titleholders! A dear friend of mine, Julie Abernathy, was so gracious to jump in at the last minute and make the trip up the mountain with me! We had the most wonderful time! Thank you Julie for your help and for jumping in so quickly.  Mary, Phil & I truly appreciate your dedication…and of  course, I loved having my personal make-up artist/stylist with me!

After hours of driving, talking and singing everything on the radio between NC & TN, we checked into our hotel for the weekend and found the most beautiful arrangement of flowers waiting for us! Phil, thank you from the bottom of my heart for treating me like royalty! The International Family is spoiling me…and I must admit, I like it! :)

After a good night’s rest, we made our way to the interviews on Saturday morning. I was blown away at the level of commitment and knowledge these ladies brought to the table. I knew this task was going to be incredibly hard…but WOW, Phil really is blessed to have so many amazing local titleholders!

The weekend was bittersweet. Even though it’s exciting to crown a new court, it was hard to say goodbye to the TN International titleholders who I have grown to love this year! I would love to adopt Jurnee and her precious little sister, Jaycee Rae…that’s how adorable they truly are!

Jensen inspires me to do more, such a remarkable young women who has started her new chapter in life as a medical school student. I know we will see Dr. Hart’s name as President of a well known medical society in the near future! And, Cydney…well, she has touched my heart in SO many ways this year! She is truly an amazing woman who has paved her own road to fight cancer! She is a go-getter and if she has anything to do with it…Cancer better LOOK OUT! Cydney and I have shared some great “talks” this year and she has shared with me some pretty amazing, heart-warming stories. And yes, I cried throughout her entire interview on stage and throughout her farewell. Cydney, the words you said made my heart smile and I will never for as long as I live forget what you said! Thank you for sharing your feelings about your own adoption…Stories like your own, touched by Miss Magic, are the reason why it’s important for me to continue sharing my message of hope.

Thank you Cydney, Jensen & Jurnee for your service! You have left BIG shoes to fill...

I would like to welcome the 2011 titleholders into the International family; Mary-Marsha Porter Riley, Mrs. TN International, Bobbie Marie Gregg, Miss TN Intl, Randi Strong, Miss Teen TN Intl. Congratulations ladies you will have an amazing year under an amazing director, Phil.

A very special thank you to the Ethridge family for serving as our hostesses. You two were fabulous! Julie and I had such a magical weekend! Thank you Phil and the entire TN International Family for the hospitality!

International Pageants…It truly is a “FAMILY AFFAIR”

Until next post, remain blessed

Shannon Devine


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