AHA Twins Baseball Game

Early this year I had the pleasure of meeting Team Jamie during the Twin Cities Heart Walk. The American Heart Association introduced me to their team because Team Jamie has a very special story behind their motivation to walk and fundraise. After Dan Gunderson lost his 7 year old daughter to heart failure, he made a commitment to help more children like is daughter Jamie. He has been fundraising for the American Heart Association for the past 6 years since Jamie’s passing to make sure more research can be done to prevent young lives from encountering heart disease. I was asked to walk with Team Jamie because Jamie was obsessed with princesses. So much so, that they even had a princess themed funeral and she was buried in a tiara. I was so honored to hear their story and get to support them during the Heart Walk.

Well, it turns out Team Jamie was the number one fundraising team in the Twin Cities. WOW! I was so proud to have been a part of their journey. They were recently honored at the Minnesota Twins Baseball game. I got to lead the team, with my dear friend Sarah Bazey, onto the field do be recognized as the #1 fundraising team! Other dedicated fundraisers joined us and each team received their awards. I am so happy to advocate for the American Heart Association. Especially, when I hear stories like Jamie’s.

This little cutie's name was Gabby!...My second favorite Gabby! :) 

  Krista Wanous


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