Regions Hospital Burn Center Video Filming

Within a matter of minutes, my office was turned into video film set; with lights, cameras, interview chairs and crew. This was the start of several hours of filming for a promotional video being produced for Regions Hospital Burn Center.

As a former patient of the burn center, current volunteer, and as Mrs. International 2012, the hospital staff asked me to participate in their production, with a focus on my perception of care provided and support available for burn survivors. The interview afforded me an opportunity to talk about the helicopter crash, the burn center and staff, returning to my life, giving back, the Phoenix Society and the incredible work done by all the women who compete in the International Pageant System.

Following the interview, we moved filming onto a construction site to which my company is currently supplying materials for seven bridges along Interstate 694. We parked on top of a decommissioned bridge directly over active West bound traffic, which gave us a panoramic view of the new bridge construction. Our customer, Lunda Construction of Black River Falls, WI, was kind enough to participate in the filming and I want to thank Dennis, Bruce and Mike for their time and effort.

Once the crew was satisfied with the shots from the bridge, we drove to Regions Hospital and set up three more action scenes, including a SOAR visit with a current patient named Jill. Though we were supposed to be acting the roles of a Survivor Offering Assistance in Recovery with a burn patient, the meeting quickly became a live SOAR visit and Jill was able to ask me the types of questions any person who has just been burned would ask. It was my pleasure to meet Jill and I wish her the very best in her road to recovery.

Shooting this video was a wonderful experience! Once the video is complete, I hope to share it with all of you.

Best wishes always,

Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012


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