Battle of the County

I live in a small town where football season is everything. You arrive at a game and the line to get inside stretches through the entire parking lot. You stand in line and the woman in front of you is your next door neighbor and the teenage girl behind you is in your journalism class. The person working the gate is the 8th grade science teacher and the person who takes your order at the concession stand is your best friends older sister. In this little town everyone knows everyone. Football games are like family reunions as people from all over the county and almost everyone who has ever graduated from my high school come to watch.

There is a tradition in my community called “The Battle of the County”. There are only two schools in our county and for the first game of the season every year they go head to head. There’s a huge trophy that is given to the school who wins the game and then the next year if they lose, it goes to the other school.

I’m proud to report that this year the trophy is now back where it belongs at my high school! Last Friday night was my last first football game. From our first senior battle cry at our pep rally to the tear jerking slide shows of our class, it was so bittersweet. I have been going to school with these students since first grade and we have been through so much together. This year is going the best one yet, I can feel it.


Haley Rose


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