Official Photo Shoot!

During orientation at Mrs. International, we were all given a date for the official Mrs. International photo shoot with Clay Spann in Dothan, Alabama. I wrote it down along with everything else we learned that night. Now, I was on my way to Dothan for that very shoot! It is an amazing gift to be given!

It was an entertaining evening at Bella’s!

I arrived Friday and was greeted by Mary Richardson and our Miss Teen International, Haley Pontius. After checking in to the hotel, we had time to catch up a bit.  Haley is kind to her core and such a standout.  Of course I adore Mary.  She is smart and powerful.  And she is also very funny and so interesting. We met up with Joey Rutherford and Clay Spann for dinner at Bella’s.  I am hungry just thinking about it! They took great care of us there.

I had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited for Saturday!  Joey and Terri had lined up some of the most beautiful and edgy wardrobe I have ever seen! Given Bella’s, I was thrilled I was able to fit in the extravagant clothing they selected.

Miss Terri making sure everything is in place.

And for the day, Clay worked his fingers to the bone with the help of Terri.  It was a great make over every time.  And I say, “every time,” because we shot several looks; each one very different from the other.  It is still a mystery to me how my hair does not cooperate for me the way it does when it is in hands of professionals.  Clay, Joey and Terri are a tremendous trio of talent.  I have no idea which pictures they have selected and I am glad I don’t have to make the final choices.  You will get to see some of them shortly when the brand new International website is launched.  I can barely contain my excitement for the big reveal! And then throughout the year more of their hard work will appear.

This look was shot for the Go Red for Women campaign and the American Heart Association.

Clay, “the magician,” at work!  This breathtaking gown was selected by Joey and accessorized by Terri. Loved it!

These are just a couple of pictures taken at the start of the shoot. You will have to check out the new International website for the final cuts!

Post-shoot with Joey and Clay.

Thank you to Mel and Mary for this opportunity and thank you to Joey, Clay and Terri for a magical experience!

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


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