My Vision

I have never had the best vision. In school I couldn’t always read the assignments on the board or see the numbers on the clock on the wall. I’ve known for a few years now that I needed glasses, but because my vision wasn’t too awful and I could still manage, I put off going to the eye doctor.

On Monday I made an appointment and went in expecting everything to go smoothly.

Everything went perfectly fine. The doctor said I had good vision in my left eye, though it was a little bad in my right eye. We were about to get up and leave when he stopped us and said he had found something odd in my left eye. He took us into a another room and showed us the pictures he had taken of the retina on both of my eyes. The right eye was a light pick color all the way through and this was how he said it was suppose to look. The left eye was covered in thick, black and gray blotches. He said it could possibly be scaring on the retina, but it did not typically look like this.

On Thursday I spent the day at St. Vincent’s Hospital having my eyes checked out by a retina specialist. He gave me several different things that could be wrong with my eye, but in the end he could not tell me what the cause was, how long it had been there, or if it would effect my vision or health. He simply did not know. He did say, what he believes might be scarring, is adjacent to my optic nerve on the retina. He said at this time it is not affecting my sight, but if the scarring spreads I could potentially loose my vision in my left eye.

I’m scheduled to go in for a check up in a few months and if my retina has not changed, I will be going in once a year for the rest of my life to keep an eye on things.

I think the worst part of all this is that I’m left in the dark. Not knowing what is wrong or what is going to happen is scary. All I can do is keep looking forward and know that my God will keep his hand on me and protect me. I ask for your prayers and to keep me in your thoughts in this time.

I recall one of my favorite quotes. “In the end all will be well and if it is not well then it is not the end.” I have hope that it will all be alright.

All my love,

Haley Pontius


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