Right Place, Right Time

Mrs. New York International 2013, Karen O'Hara, and I only live about 45 minutes apart. We have done many appearances together and were very involved in each other's preparations for Chicago. She is one of the most wonderful gifts that my reign has brought me.

She is so incredibly passionnate about her platform - working to end human trafficking. When she asked me to be a member of the board of directors for her non-profit, United Hands of Hope House (Western NY's first safe house for victims of human trafficking) - her dedicaiton was contagious and inspiring and I couldn't help but join her crusade.
An opportunity arose for Karen to present her platform at a New York Fashion Week show, and she was generous enough to ask me to join her. Luckily, it fit perfectly into my tri-state area road trip.
We walked into Studio 450 and another show was concluding. As Karen and I posed with guests on the red carpet, a woman (named Cherry) approached me and this is how the exchange went:
Cherry: Are you walking in the show?
Me: oh, no I'm here as a guest with Mrs. New York International who is presenting
Cherry: So you're walking in the show...?
Me: I'm confused, is this a question or a statement
Cherry: We'd like you to walk in the show
Me: Wait, I'm not tall enough, I'm only 5'5" (I'm really 5'4 and 3/4" but I rounded up!)
Cherry: We'll put you in tall shoes!
Next thing I knew I was swept up into the rush of NYFW. Hairstylists, models, designers all going through the motions and here I am BURSTING inside!!! The show itself featured two designers' presentations... Wouldn't you know, the first outfit I wore was chosen as the OPENING of the entire event... OMG!
It will definitely be an experience that I will gladly share with my grandchildren (God willing) someday. Such a surreal moment in my life. I had resigned to the thinking that due to my height this would never happen.
Moral of the story is to take every opportunity and appearance that comes your way during your reign. The crown can be a key to unforgettable connections, moments, and memories if you just put your power behind it.

Action shots on the runway! I only look a LITTLE out of my element ;)
My beautiful and inspiring friend, Karen O'Hara, and I post-show posing for photos
Seek Happiness,
Jesse Ladoue 
Miss International 2013


  1. Thank you Jesse! You are amazing and I was so honored to have you there with me. To say that I inspire you.... when you are the one that makes me want to be a better person! LOL... I love you more than you know. The Miss International Pageant not only gained a beautiful, intelligent woman to represent them as their Queen.... but the soul of an angel.

    Karen O'Hara
    Mrs. New York International 2013


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