Social Media

Social media is a vital tool for promoting yourself as a titleholder as well as the International system. There are so many social media outlets these days and probably even more that I don’t know about. Elise, Jules and myself are required to submit two blog posts per week, video blogs, and regularly update our social media accounts as part of our contract. As with many businesses, social media helps boosts its presence and the International system has done a great job at making sure it is being seen. Even more importantly, that WE are all being seen and the positive work we are doing isn’t going unnoticed.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the easiest and fastest ways to communicate with an audience. As local and state titleholders, you should create a fan page. Post any and everything that you can pertaining to your appearances, articles about your platform and even inspirational quotes. Using a hashtag (#) on Instagram is a great idea as well as any user can search for that particular hashtag and easily see the photos that you, and others, may have posted.

Regularly updating your accounts is very important as well. Judges will look to see if they can find you on facebook, IG, etc. Ensuring that you stay on top of updating them will not only help the judges know who and what you stand for, but also show them that you have checked the box for the social media requirement and could easily be the next International title holder. Having these accounts, especially Instagram, is also a great place to keep your favorite photo or photos from each appearance. Looking back at the end of your reign and seeing all of the difference you have made is the best prize!

Until the Mission is Complete,



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