When God Gives You Cousins

I am only child. Go ahead.. Say what you think about only children! I've heard it all! But being an only child has actually been an experience that I would not trade. I have a wonderful & close relationship with my parents, and instead of giving me siblings, God blessed me with a huge extended family... Therefore giving me lots of cousins! 

The say being a grandparent is awesome, because you can spoil your grandkids and then give them back to their parents. Having cousins is similar! When I was younger, I would run & play with my cousins, and when I got tired of them, they went home! Ha! 

My cousins have been incredibly supportive of me throughout my entire life. When I won the International crown, it's like they won too, as this has been a journey for all of us! I am so thankful for the love they have shown me by coming to the pageant, some of my events, praying for me, texting/calling me with words of encouragement, and having fun nights out when I need a break! I joke that we could have our own reality show with how crazy our experiences as a family get, but I wouldn't trade any moment! I always wanted a brother or sister, but God give me something better, my amazing cousins!

Continuing to break the stigma,

Elise Banks
Miss International 2015


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