Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute's Festival of Trees

CARTI (Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute) has been working to help cancer patients and their families for almost 40 years in the state of Arkansas. One of the most dazzling and heartwarming events that they hold is the annual Festival of Trees.

At this event dozens of incredible trees are on display creating a cheerful atmosphere! You even have the option to bid on one of the stunning trees and have it delivered to your home!

Since 1976, the festival has raised more than $6 million dollars to provide needed services and programs to Arkansas cancer patients! The money raised from the festival goes directly to the patient assistance funding program to provide medication, housing, transportation, emotional support, counseling, and a statewide cancer educational program.

I stand strongly by CARTI because they not only treat the patient, they treat the entire family. They know that cancer, like heart disease, affects the entire family and it’s a family affair.

With this said, the festival was a huge success, pulling in families from all across the state for fun and a great cause!

Tis the season,

Haley Pontius


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