Holiday Volunteering

Holiday season is on its way and it’s a perfect time to count our blessings and give to those who may have a few less than we do. Last year my mother and I volunteered to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a local food bank. On a day where its meaning is often overshadowed by exorbitant amounts of food, shopping deals, and simply being skimmed over in anticipation for Christmas it made me realize just how fortunate I am – even on my worst days.

It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season – the decorating, the gift giving, gift getting, get-togethers - I love this time of year! I also love volunteering around the holidays because there is such a variety of ways and opportunities that you can give back. In the next few weeks food banks and other community support organizations are looking for volunteers to take calls for meal requests, people to prepare and put together these meals, and delivery drivers for Thanksgiving Day.

Beyond Thanksgiving, there are countless programs that collect warm clothing, food, and gifts for the less fortunate so that they can share the joy that we have when the holidays arrive. You can collect toiletries and entertainment items for troops or join an organization that is wrapping gifts in exchange for donations. I urge everyone to add a volunteer experience to what I’m sure is an already busy schedule. I promise you that it will be time well spent and it will help reconnect you to the true reasons for the season.

Everyone has a story, and you may never know how someone got down on their luck, but just by giving your time you can make their day a little brighter and their life a little easier.

The beautiful tables all set and ready for our guests at the community kitchen

Visiting with the residents at Woodbrook assisted living facility on Christmas Day!

Seek Happiness,



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