Holiday Hints for Doing Good

I am wrapped up in the holiday spirit and LOVE to give gifts that not only make the recipients happy, but also make a positive impact. While shopping, keep in mind these options for doing the most good this year. I even have an idea for that person that is always hardest to buy for – you can thank me later!

Stationary for Animal Lovers

If you’ve already selected the perfect gifts for your loved ones, you can purchase holiday cards featuring adorable rescue animals. 10% of proceeds go to help animal welfare groups and shelters.

For The Fashionista

You may have first heard of TOMS when they were featured on a Cingular cell phone commercial (yes, CINGULAR!) a few years ago. Their mission was founded on a One for One approach. For each pair of TOMS shoes purchased, one pair was donated to a person in need. They have since expanded to benefit eyesight with their line of sunglasses. Their shoes are distributed among 60 countries and provide eyesight restoration in 13 countries.

LUSH Body Butter

Lush is a boutique that sells fresh, handmade cosmetics. Their fair trade body butter is solid in “charity pots” where 100% of the proceeds goes to the charity featured on each particular lid. Silky soft skin and donating to a worthy cause… isn’t that what every beauty queen wants for Christmas?

eBay Giving Works

Whether you are looking to buy from eBay or return the duplicate items you receive this holiday season give GivingWorks a try. The seller defines what charity they would like to support and what percentage of the auction price they would like to go to. So far the site has raised 345 MILLION dollars…. Well done, eBay!

For the person that’s IMPOSSIBLE to buy for

Global Giving is an innovative sight that allows you to support various causes and efforts (including disaster relief, education, health, and more – in all, over 8,000 projects have been helped). You can decide what project you’d like to donate to on behalf of the gift recipient or give them a gift card and let them choose for themselves!


Seek Happiness,



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