Competing Against Friends

One of the best aspects of pageantry is the friends you make along the way! Competing in pageants brings you close to girls with allot of similar personality traits as yourself. You get surrounded with driven girls all with passions to give back and a love to keep their beauty at their best, inside and out! So if you’ve competed before you understand, it’s no wonder why some of our greatest friends come from competing in pageants.

These girlfriends “GET” you! They understand why your so motivated, they understand your purpose, and you share a love for a sport that encourages girls to shine and be their best in every aspect. I can tell you some of my friends that are not familiar with pageants sometimes have a hard time understanding why I put myself out there and compete. It’s nice that these girlfriends understand that and totally “get it”. And not to mention, the best thing about pageant friends is, you can use them to keep inspiring YOU!

What happens when one of those friends ends up competing against you for the same title? That friend you’ve always looked up to, that friend that she’s your strongest competition, that friend that you know needs improvement on a certain area but your now competing against her, that friend that wants to compete but is hesitant because you are, or that friend that you know will be a distraction as you compete? What do you do? Do you back out, do you let them get into your head, do you help them improve and share your knowledge, do you encourage them to back out or yourself, do you encourage yourself to keep focused and keep going to your goals, and do you help them do the same?

There are so many factors when competing against friends. But if YOU and SHE is a good friend to one another, one that will be there after the final day, they would help and encourage YOU to do YOUR best and HELP you along the way. Just as you would do for them! If your friendship is true, you wouldn’t look at any of that, actually it probably wouldn’t even come to your thoughts. NONE of these you would care about. You would be happy for her, as you are yourself. The both of you would look at this competition not just as a single race, but as a relay race, and she and you are there to help one another finish the BEST you can AND have A LOT of fun along the way! After all, how incredible is it to envision you and her at the very end holding hands. How it should be! ☺

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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