My Pageant Week Wardrobe

As I plan my own wardrobe for the upcoming Pageant Week at nationals, it reminded me of what I wore last year. This time last year, as I prepared my outfits, I tried to match each one’s suitability to the occasion while I went for a look that was fashionable yet classy.


I wore a MacDuggal cocktail dress with a beaded collar and printed skirt. I liked this outfit because the printed skirt had a fun feel to it but the overall look was semi-formal. Most of the contestants wore dresses as well.


I wore a cotton blend capri romper with chunky heeled sandals. Even with the heels, my shoes were easy to walk around on. They were comfortable but not too casual. I was glad not to wear a dress though. 


I decided to go with a business look and wore a teal Fernando Wong dress. Try to stay away from outfits that are too bejeweled for this activity as you are visiting kids with very little and you want them to be able to relate to you.


Coming from both Hawaii and California, I love the beach and the water so this was the activity I looked forward to the most. I wore a cropped rash guard and boyshort style swim bottoms. They did not come as a pair. I have gotten many inquiries as to this outfit. Just google cropped rash guard. I picked this style because I wanted to be able to be active and not worry about mishaps.


I wore a royal blue cocktail dress. Most of the girls wore pretty cocktail dresses, a few wore gowns and a couple wore long jumpsuits. Everyone looked great so you can’t really go wrong here.


I wore a pink skater dress, but my hair was pinned to get my curls set for that evening’s preliminary event. The dress was comfortable but it got a bit cold so I had to borrow someone’s jacket. Judges can sit in on rehearsals if they want so keep that in mind when choosing your rehearsal outfit. Hopefully, no judge saw me like this →

Yikes !!­čśé

Think of what your brand is as an International Pageant Titleholder and plan accordingly. My brand was fun, fashionable and elegant so all my choices had to fit that brand. Regardless of what you pick, know that these outfits do not make or break you. They’re not even part of your score. That said, having a strong brand can make people take notice of you before you even get on that stage.

Have fun but stay classy!

Carly Peeters


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