Love the Skin You're In

As competition gets closer, you may be putting a lot of thought into what makeup palette you like and what lip color goes best with your gown. But a key to making the most out of your makeup is to have a good skin care routine.

One rule every queen should follow is:

NEVER go to bed without washing your face.

I am still so surprised at how many women I know who go to bed without first cleansing and moisturizing their face. Getting in this habit will help add natural glow to your face, minimize breakouts and prevent damage from natural cell turnover and aging.

A very smart investment is getting makeup remover wipes. I used to wash my face without using these first and guess what happened?... There would still be makeup on my towel when I went to dry my face. By using these wipes first you make sure to get off all of your cosmetic products (especially the ones that are known for being long-lasting).

I have one last secret to share. Everyone should use moisturizer. One myth people have believed is that if you have oily skin you don’t need moisturizer because it will make it worse. This is not true! Moisturizer will replenish your skin after cleansing and provide the nutrients your skin needs. If you don’t hydrate your face, your body will naturally try to compensate by over producing oils. Everyone should moisturize daily!

Proper skin care is key for staying young, looking healthy and refreshed, and for having confidence at appearances and on stage. Find an expert who can help select the best products for your individual needs.

In health and happiness,

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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