Heart Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

Preparing for a pageant can be very stressful. Being a mom can be very stressful. Our careers can be very stressful. Managing a family’s full schedule can be very stressful. Volunteering positions can be very stressful. Even planning a vacation can be stressful! We all have so much we take on and manage in our daily lives, and guess what it all has in common… STRESS!

This year I’ve discovered the importance of decompressing and destressing! In the past, I’ve always used running, reading, vacation, frequent spa days, and even shopping as techniques to destress. Being so involved with the American Heart Association this year as Mrs. International, I’ve discovered a few more techniques I enjoy. Like Yoga, Meditation (that’s still a work in progress), simply staying positive, and staying in my lane! Being a busy bee, there’s just no time for unnecessary drama, you simply just don’t have time to care about the “silly stuff” that doesn’t add any benefit to your life. I’ve realized with these new techniques I decompress more easily and even sleep better!

So, when your preparing for your next pageant, rolling with the ups and downs of your career, adding a new family member, making your family’s schedule, hosting a big charity event, or even planning your next vacation here are some heart healthy ways you can destress to enjoy the little things just a little more!

Listen to music, breath, take a bubble bath, get a massage, call a friend, count to 10, chew gum, disconnect from technology, meditate, exercise, tell some jokes, yoga, cardio, stretch, read, write in a journal, count your blessings, look at a favorite picture, squeeze a stress ball, fidget spinners, sit in the sun, pick some flowers, compliment someone and see their reaction, spend some quality time with your kids or you pets, cut the drama out, go on vacation, go shopping, cook your favorite healthy recipe, drink a cup of tea, rub some natural oils like lavender on your wrist, goal plan, take a nap, pamper yourself, most importantly realize your worth and value when you put a little more time back into yourself!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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