Being Purpose Driven

In preparation for Miss International you will be told to know your “why”. Why is your platform important to you? Why do you want to be Miss International? Such seemingly simple questions hold a lot of depth. Knowing your why will keep your fire lit and has the power to change lives around you. This holds true not only for pageantry, but also for life in general.

Studies have shown that having a reason to wake up in the morning can lead to a longer life expectancy! This is why “knowing your purpose” is one of the Power9 principles that Blue Zones Project founder, Dan Buettner discovered as a commonality amongst the world’s longest lived people. Having a sense of purpose has the potential to add up to seven years to your life. You can learn more at

*You can participate in a “purpose workshop” to help you discover your purpose in a Blue Zones Project community. Visit the website to sign up. 

I think it’s pretty amazing that by being a part of International Pageants, a system based upon platforms and giving back to our communities, that we are actually lengthening our own lives while helping others! It is so important for you to know your purpose and live it out that it helps to have your “purpose statement” written where you will see it frequently. This will keep you inspired and improve your ability to express it to the judges when asked during interview... a win win!

In health and happiness,

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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