Perfecting Your Platform Statement

There is less than a month until you will be in Charleston competing for the opportunity of a lifetime. The last thing you want to feel is that you didn’t prepare enough. Part of this preparation is having your platform statement memorized long before you get to nationals. This means that you should start writing it now. If by the end of June you have your statement written, you will have nearly all of July to practice practice practice.

There are important factors in writing your statement. 

Making it impactful.

Fitting it all into 30 seconds.


Just like anything with a time limit, you want to grab the listeners attention quickly. In this case it’s the judges you need to focus on. Think about what you will have talked about in your interview and use the platform statement to drive it home. Be sure to remind them of your plan as Miss International as well as why people should care about your cause. You can use a statistic to explain how many people your platform affects. However, try not to just list facts (you can do this on part of your platform sheet). Make it personal and it will more likely be memorable.


When writing your statement, don’t get too wordy. Not only will this increase your chance of fumbling over your words, but it also runs the risk of going over time. Keep in mind that if you go over the allotted 30 seconds you can be deducted points. With such fierce competition, every point matters! This is why I think you should practice with a timer. It is also important to practice in front of people. Some women don’t like practicing in front of their friends but my thought is this... if you can’t practice in front of your friends, how will you be able to say it on stage in front of hundreds of people when you are being judged/scored?

I even practiced in front of my hair stylist two days before I left for nationals. Just like in sports, practice like you are going to compete.

If you practice and speak from the heart, your 30 second platform statement will be a breeze!

In health and happiness,

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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