Competition Week Must-Have

Before zipping up your suitcase, double check you have packed this item below!

Earlobe stickers are nearly life-saving when it comes to pageant week. By finals night you’ve spent countless straight hours in those perfectly jeweled earrings that match each outfit. For anyone who is used to mostly wearing studs for earrings in their daily life, this may be rough transition.

Learn from my experience and come prepared. As I was getting ready for opening number on finals night, I couldn’t put my earrings in because my earlobe had scabbed from the night before. It was five minutes before going on stage and I had to poke the earring through which caused me to bleed. This was obviously stressful five minutes before having to go on stage. Thank goodness for a sister queen (Thank you Ashley- Miss Colorado International 2017) who came to my rescue with earlobe stickers!

This wonderful creation not only gives added support for earlobes so you prevent stretching of your piercing, but also relieves pain from the weight. With these stickers you have more freedom to wear nearly any earrings you want without having to worry how heavy they are. I’ve included two examples below available on Amazon. Just type in earlobe stickers into your search bar and many options will show up. You’ll thank me later!

In health and happiness,

Miss International 2017

Kelsey Craft


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