Family Tips for Charleston

You are going to be AMAZED the way Charleston, WV welcomes International Pageants! It’s genuine hospitality and they really roll out the red carpet for all of the contestants, staff, and the families. The people you meet around town, the staff at the hotel, and especially the tourism board are all so welcoming. You really feel their excitement to have us in Charleston! When traveling with a big group all coming in at once, please remember to be patient, there are far more than us, than there are of them. That being said, please remember patience, kindness, and that a simple “Thank You” goes a long way when they are trying to ensure everyone has a wonderful stay, especially the hotel staff.

Here are some tips for those contestants and their families that haven’t been to Charleston, WV:

Hotel Info:
  • Room service and food delivery is available
  • Restaurant/Bar/lounge on main lobby floor
  • Breakfast Buffet and Ordering Menu available! 
  • You CAN ship items to the hotel prior to your arrival!
  • Limited closet space so if you are sharing a room – there is plenty of space for an extra clothing rack and gowns. 
  • There IS A POOL! Bring your kid’s suits and floaties! 
  • If you need anything, just ask! The hotel staff is VERY friendly and accommodating!
Airport Tips:
  • FREE airport shuttle! 
  • Very small airport, you will most likely have to connect if your flying!
  • Airport is 10-15 minutes from the hotel! SO leaving hours before your flight departs is not necessary. 
  • If you are connecting, expect to check a rolling bag at your second leg when boarding the small plane, your gown will be fine to put in the overhead bin. 
General Area:
  • SO many restaurants within walking distance from the hotel!
  • Forget anything? That’s OK! A mall is RIGHT across the street!
  • YAY for Starbucks! There’s one across the street in the mall.
  • SO many things for families to do, just plan ahead!
  • A trip to the grocery store is just minutes away if you want to stock your room with any healthy snacks or extras.
  • PLENTY for kids and families to keep entertained, just ask the front desk they’ll be happy to give recommendations!
  • Please and Thank You go a long way, when all these little extra’s, like the shuttle are free! ☺ 
Looking forward to meeting all of you in July!

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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