Having the "Right Tribe"

Out of the countless reasons women and girls continue to participate in pageantry, friendships seems to commonly be at the top of the list. But why do bonds formed during competition commonly end up the strongest? My guess is that we find like-minded individuals who support us in our goals. Although we each compete wanting to win, we also want our fellow contestants to succeed on stage and in life.

This is where your tribe comes into play. Having a “Right Tribe” is one of nine things the longest-lived people of the world have in common. By having a tribe (inner circle) of people who reinforce the right habits and challenge you mentally, you are likely to be happier, more successful, and even live longer!

Although you will form strong relationship during nationals, every pageant girl needs a tribe prior to competing. These are the few people you can truly rely on no matter what. They will be the ones to keep you accountable to your gym sessions, comfort you when you are stressed from the busy schedule, and challenge you to live out your purpose. Before you head to nationals, identify your tribe (about five people you are the closest to). Remember that this can also be family! These are the people who will help keep you grounded and focused for the task at hand. Lifelong relationships require effort from both parties but the investment will be worth it. Lastly, remember to thank them for their support!

In health and happiness,

Kelsey Craft
Miss International 2017


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