How to Include Your Husband

A blog for the “Mrs.” It’s no secret we’re all a bunch of every day super women running around balancing our careers, husbands, children, platforms, and now pageant preparations! Preparing for a pageant is not easy, especially when you are a “Mrs.” We must prepare while balancing all of these with grace. But with the little time we do have left to ourselves, when we’re using it to prepare it’s often taking away from one of these. Most of the time, it’s a very special someone, like your “Mr.”. The one and only reason you are a “Mrs.”.

I wanted to encourage you to include him in your preparations! Including him helps him appreciate all the hard work you put in when he sees you shine on stage. It’s also no secret, I’ve said this a million times over, I truly won the husband jack pot when it comes to Mr. International. He is the most supportive and encouraging husband!

Now do I include him in absolutely everything? Off course not! When it comes to shopping, I’m sure he’d draw the line. I also respect he’s a very successful business man and his time is valuable and wrapped up in his own busy schedule. So, I choose when things may peek HIS interest too. My husband’s very big into fitness, so anytime I need an extra lifting partner, an accountability partner, or want to run a charity 5K, he is always up for the challenge. He’s also very involved in my platform, it’s my life and my family’s, so his compassion and understanding leads him getting very involved. Not to mention, he also enjoyed teasing me on diet restrictions and holding me accountable at home as well. ;)

There are many ways you can involve your husband these next few months, I highly encourage you too. But when you can’t, or the particular task doesn’t interest him, make sure he’s still involved by your appreciation for him. He’s usually then pulling the extra weight so you can prepare, maybe more daddy duty, just make sure he knows how much he’s appreciated. When he knows how much you appreciate all his extra help, it can also make him feel included just by acknowledging the extra he’s giving so you can prepare.

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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