You Are NOT Alone

We’ve all been there before: Top 10 are called and your waiting for your name… and it’s not called. Top 5 placements are called and your name is called… but not as the winner. I’ve been there, more times than most realize. I’m sure you’ve heard a hundred speeches on how to handle that disappointment. Especially when your emotions are high. When you’ve invested months of preparation, time, and money into what you feel is “earning” that title. What’s hard for contestants to realize at that moment is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There’s over 60 other women that feel EXACTLY the way you do right then. That contestant you’ve made friends with your venting to or crying on, realize she feels the exact same way, she’s just handling it differently. I want to take this opportunity to share with you some very good advice to remember if this happens.

Pageantry is like a sport, when you don’t win, some get mad, some cry, some try attack the winner after as if it’s her “fault” she won, when they do not even truly know her. What’s really sad is if husbands and families get involved. Once I had someone’s family members say horrible things about me IN FRONT of my children and family only because I was competition to their contestant. They’ve never even met me! The very sad thing is, it was all caught on video by my son, that we will have as our keepsake videos of that moment. DON’T be that person! Be the one with the smile in all the photos that is truly happy for the winner… and themselves!

You see pageantry is like a sport, the only difference is, it’s allot smaller of an arena. Pageantry is a small world, don’t let one event when it’s not your timing set the wrong impression of you. It stinks when you don’t win, believe me I know, but at THAT very minute realize what exactly it is! A one day event with 5 people’s opinions, don’t let that ruin your character. Don’t set out bad karma for yourself. Take a minute at that time and look at ALL the blessings YOU currently already have! Look at your husband, your family, your babies! Think of all those blessings and how YOU already won at life, and realize God just has something bigger and better out there waiting for you!

International pageants attracts contestants of character. Contestants that have a PASSION AND GREATER PURPOSE, with class and heart, just like YOU! You are not alone! You’re not alone when it comes to the endless amount of preparation, investment, and worth in deserving a title. There will be over 60 other women that are just as deserving. You will not be alone when it comes to that disappointment either, again they’ll be over 60 women on that stage feeling just the same. So my advice to you is to realize that now. Prepare to win but mentally realize there may be that chance you don’t, and that too you have to be prepared for. Have a talk with your family now on respect. Encourage them to cheer for other contestants, some will not have all the support you may have. Most importantly, those of us with children, it’s hard for them to watch if mommy doesn’t win, so lead by example on how you want them to handle that moment. You will see International pageants has a very elegant and classy production, be that extra grace, because most likely you’ll probably want to be back up there on that stage again! ☺

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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