Ways to Help Calm Your Nerves

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all been there before. Whether it’s on a stage in front of a crowd, talking in front of your peers, or interviewing for your dream job, we’ve all experienced those uncontrollable jitters and nervous butterflies that we cannot seem to control. You’ve also probably heard the saying, “Just imagine everyone in their underwear and you’ll be fine.” Well, I’m not sure about you but that did not work so well for me. ;)

All jokes aside, I wanted to share some calming techniques that may help you in preparation for stage and interview. Fact is, we all get them and the one thing we don’t want, is for them to get in our way. If your anything like me, I’m sure just the thought of interview and stage gives you a little butterflies even now. So here are a few techniques that may help calm your nerves:

*BE PREPARED- prepare your BEST. This way you know you’ve done everything that you can, the rest is his plan for you.

*MAKE A PLAY LIST- Pack your headphones and make a play list to help calm your nerves. Myself, I like soothing music or inspirational music. Some like music to get them pumped up, but me, all it does is pump UP my nerves too, so chose your music wisely.

*GRAB A VERSE OR INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE- When I compete I’ve always snuck in a tiny little angel pin in my wardrobe my grandmother gave me. It had a bible verse we shared together written on it, it was very special to me. But somewhere on my way to Charleston it was lost, and I was devastated! I wrote that verse on the inside of my ankle and every time I looked down my head instantly repeated it over and over again.

*STOP TRYING TO BE PERFECT- No one is perfect, realize that even if you make a mistake, guess what – the sun will still rise in the morning, and it will all be OK. Those judges are not looking for perfection, once you stop striving to be perfect, you accept and are comfortable with who you genuinely are, and THAT’S what shines- confidence, character, and class.

*MANIFEST YOUR OUTCOME- I’m a firm believer in what you give the universe you receive back. So fill yourself and the universe with positive messages and you will receive a positive outcome.

*PRAY- no explanation needed here, but it takes a great character to understand that “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21

I hope some of these may help calm your nerves, if it doesn’t and you find yourself up there with butterflies in your stomach and your knees a little shaky, that’s OK! Look to the girl to the left and to the right of you, most likely she’s feeling the same, you’re not alone. I look forward to seeing all of you shine in July.

Turning Broken Into Brave,

Your Mrs. International 2017

Melissa Pocza


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