Evening Gown

Choosing an evening gown can be one of the hardest or easiest things about competing. Ive met girls who tried on “The dress” and just knew that was their gown. For me, it wasn’t that simple. I tried on dress after dress after dress. I had no idea what color or style I wanted. I just knew I wanted to give off an elegant and classy look with just a hint of sexiness.

I fell in love with so many gowns prior to finding the “one”. But Even though I loved the gowns, they didn’t 100% portray the exact vibe I wanted to give off. I think as competitors, we need to be very aware of what our dress is saying about us.

A dress that’s too low cut, or a slit that is too high can go from sexy to inappropriate very quickly. Your dress should also touch the floor in the front and the back. Far too often I see a beautiful girl in a dress that’s cut way too short and your distracted by her shoes. Depending on the color of your dress you’ll want to make sure your shoes don’t stand out. I will always opt for nude shoes without an crystals unless I’m in black.

The stage is extremely bright and has color behind you. EVERY single color will show up onstage. Do not let the color of a gown deter you from choosing it. If that is your dream dress but you’re afraid it is too dark for stage, trust me, it isn’t. Just make sure it isn’t too dark for your coloring.

Remember that evening gown in your time to be elegant and classy. Practice your walk with slow music in front of a mirror. While the walk is slow, do not walk so slow that it is painful for the audience to watch. It just looks awkward in front of the judges.

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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