Nationals Attire

Hello ladies!

Can you believe the pageant is almost among us? I am so so sad for it to come, but so excited to meet all of you and see who’s dreams come true! I know a lot of you are worried about bringing the right type of clothing, so I wanted to address some very specific days!

Orientation: I wore a purple peplum shiny satin dress, most contestants wore dresses or suits.

Exploring Jacksonville: I wore a pink and white striped dress and heels, in hindsight the heels were a mistake. I highly recommend comfy wedges or cute flats!

PACE Center: I wore a Fernando Wong Business dress from the Competitive Image- This is not the time to be flashy or showy, these girls have nothing, and we want to be able to connect with them. I suggest a modest business dress and little to no jewelry.

Group Photo and Contestant Dinner: I wore a long red mermaid gown, while some ladies opted for cocktails. It is not that often in like you can wear a glamorous gown around all night long, So I decided to wear a long dress, but feel free to wear a high low, or cocktail if that’s what you feel more comfortable in.

Teen or Miss Prelims: If you are in the audience you will want a dress you can sit in. So be mindful of dresses that are too short or too tight. I wore a long sleeve black Sherri Hill gown from The Competitive Image.

Rehearsals: You will want to be comfortable because you will be walking around and practicing in this dress or outfit all day. It is important to remember that the judges can sit in on rehearsals if they choose. I do not recommend sweatpants or jeans. I wore cocktail dresses.

Judges Final Rehearsal: This is the time to wear your favorite cocktail dress! Final rehearsals is watched by the judges so its important to look your best! I wore a Sherri Hill Jumper from The competitive Image!

No matter what you wear it is always important to keep in mind the image you are portraying. I knew I wanted to come off as stylish, classy and sophisticated, So I made sure that every outfit fir that mold!

I can’t wait to see your choices!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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