Finding Your Voice

So many saying and expressions are over used in pageantry today, and using some of the more common ones can cost you a chance at the crown. I wanted to focus on some of them and help you find ways to better communicate your ideas!

“I want to use the crown as a microphone”

This saying is probably the most over used phrase in pageants today. The judges will hear it all day long, it will not make you stand out, in fact, imagine being a judge and hearing girls repeat it interview after interview, you would more than likely forget about this girl. Instead, try explaining how specifically you will use your title to market yourself, the system and your platform.

“The title will open doors for me”

The title will open doors for everyone. This does not stand out to a judge, in fact, your only pointing out the obvious, as a judge I want to know what you bring to the table that is unique. Try using specifics and saying exactly what relationships you hope to establish with different organizations and companies.

“I deserve the crown because I am the most passionate”

Every single girl is passionate about her platform, or else she wouldn’t have chosen it. The word passionate is so over used in pageantry. Instead try using specific examples of how this platform has changed your life or how you’ve changed the life of others. Tell me a story that shows your passion, rather than telling me you’re so “passionate”

“My platform, My Platform, My Platform”

When asked what do you do for fun or tell me about yourself, you do not need to use this time to plug your platform. It does not seem genuine when every single question you are asked is somehow brought back to your platform. While many of you really do live your platforms, you also want to seem real and relatable. Remember, as an International titleholder you need to be relatable and likeable.

At the end of the day the most important tips I can give you is to find your own unique voice. You do not need to be a pageant pro to win this pageant, you need to be yourself. Giving specific details about your platform and your plan for the crown will make you stand out 100 times more than a pageant patty response! This pageant is about celebrating the unique differences in all women, lets embrace them and show those judges what the class of 2015 has to offer!

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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