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Working in the Nebraska Athletic Department for a decade helped prepare me in many ways for Mrs. International. One of those preparation tools carried over was from all of the planning committees I served on for major events and teams competing in National Championships. Our communications committee always, ALWAYS had a press release ready at least 2 weeks before any event even happened. They had a “if we won” version and a “if we lost” version.

A few months before Mrs. International the thought popped in to my mind “What would my press release say if I won?”. So it began that I started drafting a “If I won” press release for Mrs. International, because prepared is the key to any successful venture and you can never, ever be too prepared. Yes, this is pageantry, but business tools translate over all the same.

What would you press release say? This is such a helpful tool for these 5 reasons:

(1) You are put in a position to sit down and put to paper your “highlights” not only as a titleholder, but as a person.

(2) The minute you are crowned, it is a whirlwind and your mind will likely be all over the place. Having a draft press release ready ahead of time really helps the National PR firm we work with.

(3) Time is of the essence. You will want to blast out this information as quickly as possible. Ever notice how at sporting events they already have the hats and winning gear ready to purchase the first commercial break after the team wins?

(4) It helps you look at a bigger picture of your comprehensive package. How well does the information for your press release translate over to your platform page?

(5) A prepared queen is a successful queen. Knowing I had a draft press release ready gave me additional peace during the week and gave me a boost of confidence feeling prepared.

Below is my press release from our national PR firm in it’s final form after my draft was submitted the morning after I won.

Happy writing!

Live What you Love,

Your Mrs. International 2014



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