The Non- Believers

Often times in pageantry you encounter people who are unfamiliar with the pageant world and don’t quite understand why you partake in pageants. It has been my experience that a simple answer about the positive impact it has had on my life will suffice for a majority of people.

But, every once in a while I am faced with a person who really does not understand. I will then tell them about all of the wonderful things that can come out of competing in pageants. Pageants can be a launching pad for a career in acting, modeling, or even running for office. They teach young woman valuable skills and life lessons they will not learn in school.. ex: How to interview for a job.

Pageants teach ladies the importance of being a good role model. In today’s society where so many women are succumbing to society’s pressure to show more skin or post inappropriate photos online, pageant girls are keeping it classy. They know the importance of a strong social media presence.

I once had someone say to me “pageant girls are only volunteering to win the crown”. In turn I asked “well, what have you done lately to help humanity” and of course they couldn’t answer. While not every girl volunteered before she competed in pageants, that doesn’t mean her choosing to compete in pageantry should take away from her volunteering. If competing in pageants made a young lady reach deep down inside of herself and find a cause she wants to stand up for… shouldn’t we be applauding pageantry for its effect on our young ladies?

While I volunteered with my mother for several different causes when I was younger, I didn’t have a clear path or direction on community service. Signing up for pageants made me really focus on a deeper level and help me decide how my time could be most effective. Pageants changed my life, I would have never have accomplished the things I have without being inspired by and seeing so many Miss Internationals before me lead the way.

Pageant ladies are world changers, They are Super Hero’s in better shoes. They are the ultimate woman. They can show up to a pageant looking like a goddess one day, and then humbly feed starving children in a third world country without a stitch of makeup on their face the next. I have never been more proud to belong to an organization that I am with the International system.

Ignite your spark,

Samantha Riddle
Miss International 2014


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