Buffalo Half Marathon

One of the mottos I live with is Qui Audet Adipiscitur which translates to “She who dares, wins”. I love finding new ways to challenge myself. There is nothing more satisfying to me than living a full life with lots of different experiences that I can share with my loved ones, present and future.

Last year, I asked my Dad if he would join me and run our first half marathon together. I knew I needed a partner and I knew if my Dad and I made this agreement, neither of us would break it. We were locked in! It was every bit as challenging as we expected (hello, 13.1 miles!), but it was a great day and accomplishment. We immediately decided we would try again this year.

We successfully cut down 6+ minutes from our time from last year and were much better at pacing ourselves throughout. It was so nice to host my brother and my Dad here in Buffalo for the weekend and it was fun to show off our “team shirts” (mine said “Miss International” of course!) as we rubbed elbows with the other full and half marathon finishers.

One of the most moving moments of the day is running underneath a giant American flag hoisted above the course by local fire trucks.

Father and Daughter at the finish line!

Team International

Can you spot us? 2:59:57 (our adjusted time will be approx. 2:56:57)

A gorgeous day in Buffalo, NY! 

On to the next challenge 

Seek Happiness,



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