Find Your Anthem

As the days wind down towards the national pageants, I guarantee you will run the gamut of emotions: excited, ready, hopeful, doubtful, scared, drained. Early in my year I found a song that I would cling to in all of these moments to ground me and get me refocused. I listened to it almost nonstop in Chicago. Laying in bed before I got up for the day, during my in-room work outs, while getting my hair and make up done, and the minutes leading up to shows starting.

Find a song that can bring you back to all the work you have put in and that defines your future. Don’t laugh, but mine was a mash up from Glee of “Fly” by Nicki Minaj and “I Believe I Can Fly” by R Kelly. Both mellow and uplifting, perfect for any moment I needed it.

Listen Here:

I wish I tested my heart rate before and after I listened to it. It is miraculous how soothing it was, even in the most stressful moments of my preparation and pageant week. Find your anthem, a song that defines you and your journey.

Seek Happiness,



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