Jacksonville, Florida

A few weeks ago I traveled down to the new home of our pageant: Jacksonville, Florida. Checking out the downtown area where we will be staying and the surrounding areas was a blast. I learned so much about this city and I’m so excited to return in a couple of months.

You might be wondering what there is to do in your free time in this city and I can tell you there’s plenty. The city is full of clothing boutiques, waterfront restaurants that give you a view of the St. Johns River, and entertainment all across the Jacksonville Landing.

Also, the beach is only 18 miles away from our hotel making it a perfect place to spend some of your free time during the week! Jacksonville Beach is just beautiful!

I took this picture just after the sun had risen one morning.

So, before you leave Jacksonville, make sure you stop by some of these places because it’ll be worth your while.

All my love,

Haley Pontius


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