In Memory of Caldon

Just a year ago, a tragic event led to the death of 19-year old, Caldon. I was introduced to Caldon’s mother, Kathy, recently and I was touched by her desire to celebrate her son’s life and keep his memory alive each day. I cannot imagine the heartache those who love Caldon must endure.

In an effort to immortalize Caldon’s spirit, Kathy worked tirelessly to open a country themed café and shop that paid homage to all of his favorite things. Where those who had felt loss could come, relax, and reminisce on their memories.

I got a sneak peek of the café about 2 weeks before it would open to the public and was so impressed with its unique and fun attention to detail (saddles for chairs at the eat-in bar! SO cute!). That day Kathy said something to me that I know I will never forget: “An act of love can never fail”.

She invited me to attend the grand opening of the café, sit front and center at the line dance fashion show, and chat with guests. The outpouring of love I saw that day was truly touching. I am a better person for being able to be with Caldon’s loved ones on this very special occasion. I know his memory will continue to bless those who he left too soon.

Posing in the café area of the shop

A Congratulatory cake! 

Have you ever seen so many cowboy/cowgirl boots (in New York!)

Posing with one of the line dancers after the show

Seek Happiness,



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