Conspiracy Theories

There are no pictures, videos or links in this post because I want to make sure this is to the point.  There are so many conspiracy theories when it comes to pageants and their outcomes.  It can sink a person should they let themselves fall victim to the rumors out there.  I hope to dispel a few of those misnomers when it comes to the International system.

1) “You cannot win if you have kids." Well, you can. I am proof of that and I am not the only Mrs. International to have children.  The big question is HOW will you best serve the year should you become the new Mrs. International?   You may have children, a full-time job or other major priorities…be realistic with yourself on how your plans will be accomplished. For me, I have made many 24-hour trips…in and out to get back to life at home.

2) “You must use the system’s sponsors.”  Nope.  The system supports the people and businesses they feel are best suited for the system’s ideals.  The system feels these people are best able to help International contestants.  I had a fellow pageant friend say, “So…you’re going to play the game…,” when they found I was heading to Dothan. I wasn’t playing any game.  I wanted to work with some of the best. Did I use all the sponsors? No. I found my dream gown before I made it to the trunk show and I felt my state paperwork was already International ready after winning Mrs. Illinois with the exception of the updated state title and new head shot which I had taken by Clay Spann because I never look better in photos than I do with him. And I found perfect wardrobe pieces for the week and the on-stage interview through Competitive Image. They are pieces I will wear long after this year and for many reasons and seasons. * Plus, the judges have no idea which contestants worked with whom.

3) “The winner was chosen in advance.” Really?  Come on now.  It is about impossible to throw the outcome in this system. It is why I entered it.  I wanted to be a part of a system that didn’t fall prey to favorites or a low balling judge. With International, the high score and low score for each portion of the competition is tossed out with the remaining three scores being tallied. That helps make sure a rogue score (for better or worse) doesn't taint your overall score. And at the end of the final night, there is no final ranking.  The overall highest score WINS.  This avoids the low ball or highball ranking that could easily knock the top contestant out of winning. (I have seen that happen a few times in other un-named systems) The outcome in this system depends on the overall accumulation of scores from that night, minus the highs and lows of course.

So this post is to ease your mind from the banter that may take place in these coming weeks.  While I have not judged this pageant, I have spoken with those who have.  They all have said they were never directed who to specifically choose. They were told to select the best person for the job. They are clearly told EACH contestant deserves equal consideration and attention during interview and on-stage.

The judges are watched over by a seasoned chaperone and quarantined from everyone.  After the final envelope is opened and the results are announced, the judges (before they leave their secluded balcony) are asked if they each understand the outcome.  You may hear stories from other systems of judges who claim they don’t understand how someone won.  International wants to make sure our judges understand the outcomes and are not surprised nor question the results.   Yes, they are that thorough!  And what I have found is those who judge, have an even greater appreciation for the wonderful women competing and the International Pageant System after they are done.  Doesn't that say so much?  So, should you be competing or considering it for the future, I want you to know this is what makes International so very rare.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


  1. Beautiful woman, beautiful role model and a well-deserve winner of the Mrs. International title. I am proud to have competed with you! Sending you lots of love, Amy!


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