One of the biggest issues that I see girls face at pageants is insecurity because of the other contestants. So I’m telling you right now… don’t let the competition psych you out! Without even thinking about it we can subconsciously let the other girls get to us because we think that they’re prettier, more physically fit, and more fashionable; I’d even go as far to say because they’re taller than us.

But I can tell you; you do not have to be the absolute best at everything to win this pageant. Just because another girl is more physically fit than you doesn’t mean you aren’t fit and that you can’t take home the crown. 

In fact, when the awards for fun fashion, evening gown and fitness wear were awarded at my coronation ball I didn’t receive any of them.

You are there to show off who you are, not worry about something that you can’t change. The judges want to see confidence, not insecurity.

So when you get to the pageant, walk in with confidence! Trust me, everyone will take notice.

Much love,

Haley Pontius


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