Fashion, Fate, and a Farewell Gown

Do you believe in fate? I live by the motto that “everything happens for a reason” – I even wear an Alex and Ani bracelet with that mantra to remind me.

When I started thinking about what I wanted to wear for my final walk as Miss International 2013 (tear!) I had a clear picture of the aura I wanted to emulate. I looked high and low and still could not find something that completely fit the bill nor was “enough” in my opinion. I want to make sure I take the stage that one last time as a true representation of me.

So after lots of google searches, Pinterest searches, and hours upon hours of scouring the Sherri Hill site for “the one”, I changed my strategy. As much as I wanted that very specific “look”, it just wasn’t meant to be. Back to the drawing board. I arrived at the Competitive Image with my new ideas fresh in my mind.

As I was trying on one gorgeous “Sherri” after another, Joey carries in a box that was JUST delivered – like, literally that very minute. He looks at me and says “your dress just arrived”. Now this confused the heck out of me…. What did he mean? He pulls out this gown that is THE VISION I had been looking for all this time. Talk about timing! All I kept thinking was, I’ve already decided on this new style of what I want… but, I could not ignore the thought that this dress just arrived at the exact time I was trying on (not the original time I had set, either).

So, I tried on the dress and walked out of the fitting room and Joey and I just started jumping up and down. It was perfect. It was exactly what I had wanted. It was fate.

I am blessed to be able to wear the dress of my dreams to celebrate what has truly been one of the greatest years of my life. Thank you, Joey, as always for your generous sponsorship.

Seek Happiness,



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