Staying Organized

The International Pageant is just two months away!! It’s coming up on us quickly now and I know all of you contestants are scrambling to get everything ready. Once you do, the real task begins at the pageant - to keep it that way. Staying organized is so important while you’re in Jacksonville. It helps keep you calm and collected so you won’t have any extra stress during the competition.

I’m already an organizing fanatic so it wasn’t too hard for me at the pageant because I made sure everything was exactly where it should be. I made charts of exactly what I was wearing each day and for each event and I made labels for everything that I had.

My charts were very basic and showed what outfit, jewelry and shoes to wear to each event and the events were in order down the page.

My labels were very easy too. For each phase of competition, I put my jewelry in a Ziploc bag with the name of the phase of competition, as well as my name and state, written on it. I even went so far as to hang the bags on the hanger of the outfit it went with. That way everything stayed together!

Another way I stayed organized was by writing everything down. That way, all I had to do was look through my notes for any information I needed.

Staying organized is so important at this pageant because it’s a long week and you don’t want to get stressed out in the middle of it all. There are times during the week when we have free time and if you need to, spend some of that time organizing if some things have gotten mixed up. And remember to stay calm and just take a deep breath when you start to get stressed out.

All my love,

Haley Pontius 
Miss Teen International


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