Mistakes on Stage

I have been involved in pageantry for many years and in this time I have watched hundreds of pageants of every kind, yet I still see consistent mistakes that at least one girl in every pageant seems to make. These mistakes are especially noticeable in evening gown.

First is the real life issue that some girls don’t smile on stage. When on stage you want to come across as joyful, enthusiastic and relaxed which is something that you show through your expression. A smiling face shows the joy that you are feeling and conveys that to the judges. Meanwhile, a face that isn’t smiling comes across as too serious, almost sad/upset and not at all sexy if that is what you were going for.

Second is that awkward arm that many of us (including myself) have had an issue with. You know what I’m talking about- while one arm is peacefully lying still the other is swinging so high that it just might hit you in the face. Not only does it not look elegant or graceful, it actually looks quite awkward. Practice swaying you arms in unison and let your fingertips brush your thighs to keep things looking orderly and together.

Third is something as basic as standing on the stage. What looks good on stage is the traditional T stance or “pretty feet”. It makes you look poised, proportional and pretty whereas standing straight forward with your feet a few inches apart, arms hanging at your sides looks, once again, awkward.

Other issues include fidgeting with your dress while on stage, not looking at the crowd/judges while walking, or standing hunched over.

Whether you have any of these problems or not it’s important to practice your stance and walk in front of a mirror to polish yourself. And if you don’t have a mirror, record yourself and watch it back.

All my love,

Haley Pontius 
Miss Teen International


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