My Father

This past Sunday was Father’s Day! And in celebration of my dad I made a list of a couple of reasons why I admire him and he’s basically the best Dad around.
  1. He thinks outside the box. He’s always full of new ideas and ways of doing things and has taught me to look at the world from a different angle.
  2. He’s artistic and talented. He passed down some of his artistic ability to me and that is something that has deeply impacted my life and my way of thinking.
  3. He’s kind hearted and generous. Whether it’s giving to the personal account of his daughter or to a homeless man, he always gives more than enough.
  4. He doesn’t ask for much in return. A simple thank you, a gesture of kindness or showing him you care is enough.
  5. He can always crack a joke to make me laugh.
  6. He’s my biggest fan and whether or not he’ll admit it, he gets way more into my pageants than my mom and me.
  7. Because he’s so amazing, when I was a little girl, he was able to build me a huge, three story playhouse complete with a swinging bridge, fireman pole, rope ladder and slide.
  8. He has the biggest heart. Ever since I was little he’s taught me to love any animal I came across including tarantulas, snakes and lizards. (Which is why today, I’m the biggest animal lover you’ll ever meet.)
  9. He’s the strongest person I know and he’s shown me that he can preserver through anything.
  10. He makes everything he does extraordinary. Whether it’s the holiday decorations, the food that he cooks for me and my friends or normal everyday things. He always goes the extra mile and then some to make life extraordinary.

In short, I see a lot of my Dad in me and everyday I strive to be a little more like him because he’s the best parent I could ask for.

Much love,

Haley Pontius


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