Super Duper in Pittsburgh

Ali and I packed up our capes and Superhero garb before boarding a plane bound for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Wonder Woman and Super Queen unite…form of…(and this is where I date myself.)

We found our way to Market Square for dinner at the beloved Il Pizziaolo which was followed up with swimming at the hotel’s indoor pool.

Early the next morning (EST vs. CST is a big deal) we pulled ourselves together in all our Superhero glory. (Thank goodness for Etsy!) It was only the start to our adventure that day. Unlike Chicago and other large cities, Pittsburgh does not offer cabs on every corner, even when you call ahead for one. One must be crafty, as we discovered the night before. (I admit the organizers wanted to pick us up…at 5:30am EST) But, alas, we made it to the land of Superheroes. And there were thousands of them! Capes, tutus and masks galore! The Pittsburgh Superhero Run is one of the more established events through the Superhero Foundation that benefits CASA. And I was thrilled to be able to speak and thank everyone by telling them why their efforts are so important to CASA!

There were raffles, vendors and even a kids’ Superhero Boot Camp. Go Ali, go!

With radio celebs, Mike and Bob, from KISS 96.1

Ali was determined to run. So she (with me trailing behind her) took on the race (half of which was uphill) and was given a medal for her efforts.

Thousands registered for the Superhero Run. Ali is in front of me with the red cape and blue tutu.

After the awards and finding our way back to the hotel, Ali and I then scaled the Duquesne incline up the face of Mt. Washington for a gorgeous view of Pittsburgh.

It’s too bad Johnny was playing hockey at home as he would have LOVED it!

Time to get home to see the boys, but not before Ali discovered one of a girl’s biggest joys…EARRINGS! Her daddy will be happy to find these dangles are only clip-ons.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio 
Your Mrs. International


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