Know Your Platform!

It goes without saying that you should know your platform backwards and forwards due to all of the appearances and conversations you have on its behalf. As you create and strengthen your personal platform campaigns and presentations it is important to keep a few things n mind. In your interview, you are the CEO of your platform so you must be completely versed in defending it to all demographics (it is your job to be the devil’s advocate before someone else has a chance to stump you and look at your platform objectively). Here are some questions to help you develop a more rounded approach to prepare you for any situation.

How would you communicate the importance of your platform to students? Young Professionals? Parents? Senior Citizens?

How would you present your platform in a way that would differentiate it from other valuable causes and organizations?

What would you say to those who may not agree with your platform (if it’s a lifestyle issue)?

How would you position your platform to gain media attention? How would you use social media specifically?

What can you do to engage people with an interactive strategy?

What are some reasons that people may not support your platform? How can you help them see why it is necessary?

How can people get involved with your platform? Volunteer? Donate?

Use these questions as tools to facilitate well rounded dialogue in both casual and professional situations.

Seek Happiness,



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