State Capitol

I traveled to Albany, NY for the American Heart Association to learn the best practices for a successful Heart Walk event. Perfect timing, as the AHA is preparing to lobby on behalf of CPR education and awareness this coming week. Hands Only CPR can save lives in critical situations and it is imperative that as many people as possible are educated on how to act in the moment.

I enjoyed a brief tour of the state capitol and the expansive underground network of buildings and businesses. My favorite spot was the Legislative Well (which I was surprised to find out is actually, in fact, a well). Also in “the Well” was a giant marble staircase that was absolutely breathtaking.

The crown draws lots of attention and is a great conversation piece. I love engaging with all different types of people and sharing the mission of the International Pageants – everyone is always impressed to hear how much emphasis is placed on service. It is exciting to be in a place where all of our various volunteer hours and advocacy efforts come to fruition via our local and state representatives.

How cute was this cozy bed! Fit for a queen if I do say so myself 

Visiting the D-Day Memorial Exhibit at the Capitol

The gorgeous marble staircase in the Legislative Building

Danielle, Miss NY International, joined me for a visit! Here we are with John, a veteran who uses painting as a form of therapy for his PTSD. He is proudly showing off his painting of Seville here.

Making a wish in the Legislative Well!

Seek Happiness,



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