On the Road Again

This year I have managed to travel tens of thousand of miles. By then end of my year, I will have travelled to Florida four times alone and California a couple of times and those are just a couple of the places I have found myself this year.

That is why I suggest you make sure you are truly solid in your relationship with your husband. Be clear with yourself and your hubby about what the year may hold for you because you will be asking a lot of him should you really work your title. I can tell you much of my year has been possible because of my relationship with my husband. I have found a few key ways to make it easier to plan for this year of travel.

Children are anything but predictable when it comes to their schedules. There is always something. And because my family comes FIRST, I mark their dates on that big kitchen calendar and then plan accordingly.

And in spite of me marking everything on a large calendar in our kitchen, there have been times John has forgotten I was flying out the next morning. He has so much to handle every day that concerns the livelihoods and lives of others. I know he has a ton to keep organized. Still, he understands this is a year in the life of Mrs. International. So I try to have life at home as organized as possible while I am away. Try is the operative word!

My husband: I leave a detailed note to remind him of the events for each day I am away. This includes what needs to be packed in their school backpacks, what else they need to bring to school and what tests they may have. Even kindergartners and 2nd graders have a lot of little details to remember each day.

My kiddos: I leave them personal notes. It helps with their reading skills and they love it. They also love finding foam hearts in random places after I am gone. You can find stacks of them at Michael’s. Get creative with putting them I areas they will find them throughout your absence. And while it helps my family while I’m away, it helps ease my mind as well.

Be the change!

Amy Gregorio
Your Mrs. International


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